IPSecure provides a broad range of Information Technology (IT) services to the Government and private sector companies world-wide. We take pride in having the experience, dedication and resources necessary to offer our clients a broad array of IT services. We are primarily focused on security services that range from Information Assurance (IA) testing to specific penetration and exploitation services. The level of expertise at IPSecure is rarely found in a company of our size which allows us to offer unmatched customer service and personal attention.

Communication Security Enginering

IPSecure employees are leaders in the security engineering field. Each IPSecure engineer has experience with the latest and proven communication security tools. Tools that will protect your enterprise assets. We specialize in vulnerability scanning and penetration tools.

Information Assurance Testing

IPSecure employees are also leaders in the information assurance testing field. Our testers can provide robust testing capabilities for your company. Our capabilities include: configuration analysis, vulnerability and risk assessments, penetration testing, and general technical consultation.

Telecommunications Security

IPSecure employees are recognized leaders in telecommunication security. We understand the telecommunication vulnerabilities that unauthorized intruders will use to gain access to your system. Our experts understand the latest telecom technologies such as Voice Over IP (VoIP), wireless communication, SS7 protocols and all major phone switches.

Software Development

IPSecure will be glad to design and maintain a customized software system based on your personal needs. The experience of each on-staff developer encompasses a variety of software disciplines. We have talented web designers, database managers and software developers who have experience with various software languages and databases such as Java, C++, Oracle, SQL Server.


IPSecure has developed monitoring and assessment tools. For example Switch Guard is a Nortel MSL 100 monitoring tool which reviews security logs for unauthorized use, access and change modifications. The PBX Assessment Tool probes switches for risky switch settings and vulnerabilities. This tool runs on various Nortel, Avaya and Cisco CallManagers phone switches.

The products offered by IPSeccure, Inc. were custom built for our customers. Use the contact information provided on our home page to obtain additional information regarding the products listed below:


SwitchGuard provides the Air Force with a countermeasure to reduce the insider and outsider threat to AF MSL/DMS-100 switches.

DMS-100 Assessment Tool

DMS-100 Assessment Tool provides a graphical user interfaces to conduct customized assessments on multiple sites.

PBX Vulnerability Assessment Tool

The PBX Vulnerability Assessment and Reporting Tool is a software application which scans PBX switches and notifies the user of risky setting and vulnerabilities found on the switch. The PBX tool has been designed to assess various Nortel, Avaya and Cisco CallManager switches with current development.